Energy Efficient
Termite Proof
Sound Proof
All weather

Amalgamating creativity, aesthetics and sustainability coupled with the foresightedness of originators and innovators, window craft brings forth its range of UPVC doors and windows conformed to the stringent international benchmarks. A rare combination of strength and durability that can withstand  a wide range of temperatures with exquisite style places.

Casement Windows

Opening Inwards or outwards, with the help of a sash that is fixed on the outer frame, Casement Windows have certain uses where others may not come in use. Rational and efficient, designed to complement your home, no matter what the style be these are the most popular in the uPVC window categories. Tough material used to make these windows maintenance-free.


Sliding Windows

There are two window frames that slides horizontally on tracks from left or right. The door panel are specially designed for maximum viewing area, and strength to withstand daily used for big size partition door solution or big windows in rigorous surroundings.

Slide & Fold Windows

The Slide n Fold windows and doors system provide superior operating performance and smooth integration into any architectural style and space. The doors & windows system are engineered using superior hinge and locking systems that are reliable and secure.

The Rollers along which the door slide, offer a smooth glide and reliable performance with solid design and expert engineering.


Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt n Turn doors & windows provides maximum design freedom due the large opening sizes that can be achieved and suite any window replacement program and building type in the constitutions industry. The system is designed for the production of inward opeing window that provide a tilt option for ventilation and that accept a full range of hardware in-line with latest European standards used, and meeting all the latest product testing standards.

French Doors & Windows

French Door is available as open-in and open-out styles and with equal or non-equal split panes. The extensive opening allow unrestricted access to your home as well as maximum ventilation and practical entry into your garden or patio, with additional features such as decorative glass and Georgian bars french doors can be tailored to your specific requirements.