parallel kitchen

Parallel Modular Kitchen

Parallel or gallery modular kitchen is ideal for kitchen with less available space as it uses one wall for work area like for sink, worktop and oven and other wall for storage. Such modular kitchen ensures that there is no inconvenience of movement and cooking in the kitchen.

Use kitchen area to create maximum storage space. You can add pull-out cabinets and over-head storage cabinets to create extra space. You can have pantry storage for every day ingredients placed near your hob, while things used occasionally can be stored at less accessible place.

Now-a-days, vibrant colors and fresh color schemes are in; Laminate finish comes in various designs and 30-40 color options in same price range. Laminate finish gives you wide variety of different outer material for e.g.  High-gloss, matte finishes, fabric finish, wooden texture, patterns, etc. Laminates are the cheapest option for shutter finishes. For higher segment kitchens, one can opt for PU Polish. PU Polish gives the luxury look to the kitchen and they are available in different matte and hi-gloss colors. Other finishes are Acrylic finish, Membrane finish, Polyester finish etc. Following are the brief details about the materials, that you can opt for your kitchen.